I've never assembled my own Peloton Treadmill before, but I've assembled more than 100 treadmills for other people. It’s fairly easy as long as you take your time and use logic.  

Here are the three most important things that are a must, when assembling your Peloton Treadmill. 1)Have a helper. This is especially important when you are installing the handrail assembly. The handrail assembly itself is awkward and heavy for one person to carry. Its worse when you have to hold it and try to insert it into the upright tubes positioned above you waist line. 2) Don't install the handrail assembly with the touch screen attached to it. The touch screen adds extra weight to the hand rails. On top of that, it makes the handrail weight uneven. Remove the touch screen, install the handrails and then reinstall the touch screen. 3) Pay close attention to the 2-wire harness set going down the user left upright tube. If you don’t make the effort to avoid pinching it, you will have a 75% chance of pinching it. This cable is nonreplaceable and will cost you $900 to have the entire rail assembly replaced. Have you or the helper gently pull the excessive cable at the bottom of the upright tube while setting the handrail assembly into the upright tubes. 

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